Promoting art in public spaces in downtown Salem and the Salem Convention Center since 2008.
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About OASF

The Oregon Artists Series Foundation collaborates with the City of Salem and the Salem Convention Center to site a wide range of artworks throughout downtown – artworks that pique the public’s interest and encourage people to explore.



Sculptures in salem

OASF pioneered the installation of public sculptures downtown and the development of the outdoor Sculpture Court at the Salem Convention Center.


art exhibitions

We began our work with a series of exhibitions at the Salem Convention Center. Works were purchased and are on permanent display in that award-winning facility. 



Since 2015, OASF has presented an annual event to raise awareness of public art and recognize key arts leaders and innovators in Salem.

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Public art benefits the whole community.

Over time, the City’s public collection will form a visible link connecting Willamette University, the State Capital mall and park, the Convention Center and Riverfront and Minto Parks.

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Who are we?

We're a committed group of business and community leaders, artists and others who believe that public art enriches our community and creates an environment that is good for residents, visitors and business.  We continuously seek to engage and partner with others who can help advance our work. 

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What do we do?

We work in concert with the City of Salem Public Art Commission and the Riverfront/Downtown Urban Renewal District to make art an integral part of downtown Salem.  Our close partnership with the Salem Convention Center has placed multiple works of art by Northwest artists inside that building. We've sought and secured sponsorships to create the outdoor Sculpture Garden at the Center. 

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How do we do it?

We use our nonprofit status to seek grants and major gifts to acquire public art. We've also successfully brokered the gift of major works of art that we've then gifted to the City of Salem.  Our annual fundraising event, now Flip for Art, generates both public excitement and funds for more artwork. We've developed strategic partnerships with the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette for the loan of major paintings for the Salem Convention Center. 


The Result

With the addition of public art by Northwest artists, Salem has an enhanced downtown which is a stronger and more vibrant environment for business, residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. 


Foundation Board of Directors


Anna Peterson, President
Steven Addams, Vice President

Chrissie Bertsch, Secretary
Sara Swanborn, Treasurer


Jim Bauer

Ron Cowan

Christine D'Arcy

Rich Harcourt

Nancy Lindburg

Erich Paetsch

Gretchen Stone

Mary Lou Zeek