Who are we?

The Oregon Artists Series Foundation (OASF) stages exhibits at, and has developed a sculpture garden outside the Salem Convention Center. We have now developed the Salem Public Sculpture Project in concert with Salem Public Art Commission, (SPAC). In a spirit of invigorating the Riverfront/Downtown Urban Renewal District, this project follows the objectives of the Riverfront/Downtown URA Strategic Action Plan.


What do we do?

The mission of the project is to obtain and place original sculptures by Northwest regional artists in downtown Salem, emphasizing connectivity to downtown Salem locations. Such work is intended to engage visitors and residents in public art and generally improve the quality of life in Salem, and the experience of visiting the downtown.


How do we do it?

OSAF seeks support, donations, and grants. All effort is intended to be in coordination with city staff and SPAC.  We work with individuals, family foundations, granting organizations both public and private, and in partnerships with local businesses.  Our only expected outcome is to pursue projects designed to disseminate artistic benefit by placing art into the community.

The Result

Diversity and artistic quality will be emphasized, and the public experience will be enhanced through program-featuring tours, brochures, and other means of public information and education to all ages and sectors of the community.

 As stated by the Salem Public Arts Commission (SPAC), the arts throughout history have been the catalyst for creating unique public spaces which have yielded physical, social and economic benefits to communities. The aim of OSAF is to create a more vibrant downtown, which will benefit local businesses, enhance tourism and provide a tangible link to the creativity of Northwest artists.

With seek a variety of sculpture, sometimes freestanding, and sometimes visually and physically interacting with existing architecture. OSAF will work with the city, SPAC, and Northwest arts organizations to find the finest art that will enhance the sense of community.