"Entwined", CJ Rench

Entwined, an 11 foot stainless steel sculpture with red powder-coated elements, was purchased by the Salem Convention Center in June 2018 with assistance from OASF. The piece was created by CJ Rench, a self-taught artist who lives and works in Hood River. 

It was purchased for $16,000, with $15,000 paid by the Salem Convention Center and the remainder paid by OASF. The work was previously shown in The Gallery Without Walls program in Lake Oswego, administered by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. 

Rench started as a self-taught industrial engineer and product designer who was awarded multiple awards for his innovative products. His artwork rages from tabletop hand-painted sculptures to larger public installations, mainly in stainless or mild steel.

Rench’s work has been shown across the U.S. and in the Northwest. His sculptures are in public and private collections, including some in Seattle, Beaverton, Bend and Hood River.