"Break Dancer", Weltzin (Bill) Blix

Break Dancer is one of several sculptures included in OASF’s Sculpture Now! Exhibition. The piece was ultimately purchased by the City for the Salem Convention Center to advance Salem Vision 2020 plans to make downtown a more livable and inviting location. Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal money was used for the acquisition. 

Break Dancer is installed on the south side of the sculpture plaza outside the Convention Center. It was purchased for $15,700.


The piece won the 1984 Portland Art Commission Percent for the Art Competition. Its medium-scale is intended to embody solidity and power. 

Weltzin Blix received BA and MS degrees from Carroll College and Northern Illinois University as well as an MFA from the University of Oregon.  For many years, he was on the art faculty at Lane Community College in Eugene.

Blix is best known for his massive “Capitol Fountain” on the Oregon State Capitol Mall in Salem, a commission he was awarded following a national competition.