CJ Rench Sculpture, "Entwined", added to Salem Convention Center

June 20, 2018  

A stainless steel sculpture by Hood River artist C.J. Rench will become the latest addition to Salem Convention Center’s Sculpture Plaza on June 26.

“Entwined,” a flowing abstract work with red powder coated elements, was purchased by the Convention Center with the assistance of the Oregon Artists Series Foundation.  The Foundation is contributing funds to facilitate the installation.

“Entwined” joins several other varied works, including Devin Field’s “Cien Anos,” on the 1,600 square foot plaza. Rench will be on hand for the 10:30 a.m. installation at Commercial and Trade streets SE.

“I like making art that everyone can understand,” he said. “I like things to be colorful and flowing. I definitely look at lines.”

Rench started as a self-taught industrial engineer and product designer who was awarded multiple awards for his innovative products. His artwork rages from tabletop hand-painted sculptures to monumental public installations, mainly in stainless or mild steel.

Rench’s work has been shown across the U.S. and in several Northwest galleries. His sculptures are in several public and private collections, including those in Seattle, Beaverton, Bend and Hood River.

Oregon Artists Series Foundation, which aided in the selection of “Entwined,” is a Salem non-profit, devoted to placing art in public places and encouraging the development and maintenance of the City of Salem’s public art collection for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Jim Bauer, Foundation board of directors president, said “OASF is delighted to partner again with Salem Convention Center to bring sculpture to the Salem community. “We are pleased that the support OASF received at our annual ‘Flip for Art’ fundraising event contributed to bringing Salem this interesting, lively sculpture by a regional artist.”

The Foundation’s recent activities include relocating Bruce West’s untitled “Cube” to downtown Salem, and acquiring Mel Katz’s stainless steel sculpture “Receptacle” and a rare stone sculpture by Leroy Setziol for downtown locations.

All works acquired by the Foundation through donations and fundraising become part of the City of Salem collection, in cooperation with Salem Public Art Commission.

The Foundation was created in 2007 to stage exhibits at the Convention Center, including 2-D art on the center’s interior walls, and has helped the Convention Center acquire several sculptures and paintings for its permanent collection.